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Floor Sanding Services Melbourne

The first step. In the floor sanding process is to inspect, repair and clean the floor area. This involves repairing any damaged or loose floorboards, checking to see if all nail heads are properly punched, as nails damage the sanding machines as well as staples and tacks that have been previously used to hold down old floor coverings. Some types of adhesives that were used to secure floor coverings will need to be removed. We then use putty to fill any holes or gaps. Preparation is the key to get the end result your looking for after inspection and all the above is done. The next step in the floor sanding process involves sanding the actual floor.
The first cut. Using one of our sanders, we sand the area with a coarse to medium paper to remove any old coating or until we get a flat even surface depending if its a new or a older floor. The differences in height between the boards is removed. The larger area of the floor is done with a bigger sander and the smaller areas are done with a sander edger.
The second cut. Is done with a finer grade of paper to get a smoother surface, " each step of the sanding process is inspected to see if more sanding is required", then a final cut is done to get the surface of the floor ready for polishing. Sand dust is removed by vacuum " I must note in the sanding process we try our best to keep the dust minimal".
The final step. In the floor sanding process is to polish the floors. We make sure the area is clear from defects first before applying any polish and make sure the area is completely clean. Once a coat has been applied we then buffer the floor to make sure we get a nice even and clean surface. Once we have completed all layers of coats, we make sure the area is entirely clean and free from any sand dust.
Sanding removes a significant amount of material, and timber floors have a limit to how much they can be sanded. Sanding old boards sometimes exposes worm eaten cores effectively ruining the floor's appearance. This can reduce the sale price, or even cause the floor to require replacement but don't worry these also can be repaired and yes this applies to older floors and not your newly laid floor,if you have any concerns in regards to this please don't hesitate to call us we will come to inspect your floor for you with an obligation free quote.
Please note. If you suffer from respiratory illnesses like asthma or allergies we do have a water based solution that is non toxic and has no smell "but the most common polishes are toxic to breath and may require you to find accommodation for 24 hours until the surface of your floor is dry and we recommend opening some windows to add ventilation this can also help with the drying process.

We maintain a strong customer satisfaction on all the jobs that we do and happy to answer any questions you might have. Our professional floor sanding services are available to all of Melbourne and outer suburbs.
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